FNew, the ‘everyone-can-post-and-read’ Social Media Site

I am proud to announce FNew, a social media site on Zeronet (although it does use google forms for drawing new posts.)

FNew is available using the Zeronet client app on or trough a proxy using https://zero.acelewis.com on bit.ly/FNew-social. The latter one is less recommended because of unavailability which will occur if no one uses the Zeronet client.

FNew’s goal? Well, the policy ( everyone-can-write-and-read) will mean no fear for private conversations leaking, etcetera. Everything goes trough me, no automated process.

No automated process does mean:

  • Longer waiting time
  • More restrictions

But also:

  • Better service
  • More personal touches
  • No fear for robots to take over the planet

That last one is most likely to happen right?

I hope that you enjoy FNew, you are always welcome to try it.

One thought on “FNew, the ‘everyone-can-post-and-read’ Social Media Site

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