FNew, the ‘everyone-can-post-and-read’ Social Media Site

I am proud to announce FNew, a social media site on Zeronet (although it does use google forms for drawing new posts.) FNew is available using the Zeronet client app on or trough a proxy using https://zero.acelewis.com on bit.ly/FNew-social. The latter one is less recommended because of unavailability which will occur if no one […]

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(EN) Montly post – June 2019

Marnix, 15 years Hi, I’m back! I really don’t know what to talk about, I’m going to give an update on Hackey-AdBlock. My Avast! suddenly went crazy and deleted files that hadn’t been noticed in the last two years by any of the scanners I had. As a result, not so much was damaged (my […]

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Update: Hackey’s Python-implementation is now compatible with x32 and x64!

in my previous post: https://marnix0810.wordpress.com/2019/05/31/hackey-adblock-doesnt-need-python-to-be-installed-on-your-computer-anymore/ I stated that Hackey’s implementation was not yet fully compatible with 64 bit systems. I now wrote some code that should fix this, it selects one of the SFXs (either python64bit-sfx.7z.exe or python-sfx.7z.exe.) and with that Hackey does not need any installed-software besides itself anymore! This is something I struggled […]

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Maandelijkse post – mei 2019

Marnix, 15 jaar. Hallo lezers! Ik ben weer terug. Eigenlijk moet ik dit vaker doen… maar ik heb het veel te druk om zoveel te schrijven… nou ja, anders wordt het misschien wel een beetje saai. Ik heb inmiddels wat oude projecten doorgegaan en probeer daarvan een terug tot leven te wekken, een programma dat […]

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The site has a new app

About month ago I anounced we had a new app, now I have created an update because Android is not my target to program for so I am working on a page for the app which will function as its home screen. This screen will show you links to all the posts of Stories 0810 […]

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Maandelijkse post – april 2019

Marnix, 15 jaar. Hoi, ik heb veel aan de site gedaan zoals je hebt gemerkt… er waren veranderingen, er is een nieuwe schrijfster, @eefjephotos en het thema van de site is aangepast, ook is Hackey verbeterd en heb ik de eerste post van de maand voor 2019 (en de eerste sinds De Marnix 0810 Site […]

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